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Author: [livejournal.com profile] timeboundpythia
Disclaimer: Stargate Atlantis isn't mine.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: All seasons.

#01 - Comfort
Comforting, if not comfortable: cups of coffee, stolen infirmary blankets and both falling asleep at her desk.

#02 - Kiss
Their first kiss takes him by surprise, if only because he’s thinking about it and she’s the one who kisses him and he realises that their odd, personal-space invading, sentence-finishing, not-quite telepathy is becoming more and more of an issue by the day.

#03 - Soft
She wakes confused, his slumbering form beside her insisting that she must be in her own bed, yet the softness of the infirmary sheets (too often used and washed to a disarming comfort) and the pain laced through her bones tells her otherwise.

#04 - Pain
He can’t tell if it’s Elizabeth or Phebus screaming, but it’s her voice and it’s enough; enough for training to kick in and for him to present a blank slate of an expression to the world, retreating far inside his mind where he can pretend he can’t hear her.

#05 - Potatoes
He whines for days when they run out of fries; she isn’t sure whether it’s adorable or infuriating.

#06 - Rain
The rain doesn’t sound right against the windows and roof of Doctor Jackson’s borrowed car, and she’s sure that John didn’t borrow it expressly for the purpose of making out in, but she doesn’t really care, as long he doesn’t let her go anytime soon.

#07 - Chocolate
She hides it in one of the outer pockets of his pack and only ever goes to retrieve it on the trip home when negotiations have gone sour, the journey spent breaking precious chocolate (instead of people) into tiny pieces and sharing it with the team, who pretend to be surprised every time he gives up his piece for her.

#08 - Happiness
She’s learnt that he doesn’t like talking, for more reasons than he can even begin to explain, his relief and joy in their long silences, having finally found someone who understands, worth more than words could ever be.

#09 - Telephone
She has to blank her answering machine every single morning, for he dials her number each and every evening to ramble on about his day, dividers between stories constructed from, “’Lizabeth, pick up the phone or I’ll just do this all over again tomorrow.”

#10 - Ears
The sight of blood on her fingers makes her hesitate, frozen with the scissors in her hand and the tiniest nick in John Sheppard’s ear, her attempt at hairdressing gone awry, just like she insisted it would.

#11 - Name
“Hey, talk to me, Lizzie, Eliza, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzeeeee, Lizzeeeeee-alright-you-win-‘Lizabeth.”

#12 - Sensual
Sometimes, they can’t look at each other, for the smallest of reactions will set them off.

#13 - Death
He tries to take that duty from her, but she won’t let him, and too often the week ends with letters, letters, letters home to bereaved families.

#14 - Sex
It never happens in either of their quarters; that would make it real.

#15 - Touch
When nobody’s looking, they hold hands.

#16 - Weakness
No-one has any real evidence or solid proof, but too many of their enemies, let alone their own people, know that they’d need to do to make them lose their grip.

#17 - Tears
She thinks he never sees, for she’s learned to apply waterproof eyeliner over where redness would show and betray tears, leaving her with permanent shadows in its place.

#18 - Speed
It’s slower away from the city, when they don’t have to worry about getting caught, but then it loses something too.

#19 - Wind
He tries to show her the joy of flying, but she doesn’t really get it; she tries to show him that the joy of finding the right words is just like flying, but he doesn’t really get it either.

#20 - Freedom
You’d think being away from Earth would make it easier, but there are just as many can’ts and don’ts because there’s no-one to stop them.

#21 - Life
In the same bed, they have sleepless nights over the city they brought to life and near to death again.

#22 - Jealousy
They aren’t allowed to be jealous, for that would overstep the line between caring and needing.

#23 - Hands
She can type insanely quickly, but he’s discovered that not the only thing she can turn her hands to.

#24 - Taste
Three decades later, when he’s stuck behind a desk and Atlantis is a whole lifetime away, the smell and taste of salt-tainted air still reminds him of her.

#25 - Devotion
It’s not just about the city.

Date: 2014-02-16 11:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ankareeda.livejournal.com
Absolutely amazing! I love all, #12 & #15 = ♥♥♥! Wonderful work.

Date: 2014-02-17 10:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] vickysg1.livejournal.com
These are so beautiful! And there's really no need for more. In one sentence, you tell a whole story.

Date: 2014-02-23 11:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] georgierae.livejournal.com
<3 every single one of them.

though you're missing a 's from #23


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